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When it comes to cleaning your drains, the last thing you want to do is grab a store-bought bottle of chemicals and pour it down the drainpipe. These so-called “drain cleaners” contain acidic mixtures that can damage the interior of pipes. They also leave behind toxic residue and fumes. Let these bottles stay on the grocery store shelves and instead call a professional plumber in Long Beach, CA to handle cleaning your drains. Benefits Hydro Jetting.

Although there are a number of ways that a skilled plumber can clean drains, one of the best methods is through hydro-jetting. This motorized drain cleaning technology blasts a stream of hot water at high pressure (around 7000 pounds per square inch) through a nozzle at the end of a line that snakes down into a drain. The water jets scald the interior of the drainpipe, breaking through the thickest clogs and removing all types of debris and build-up.

Because of the potential for injury from a high-pressure spray, hydro-jetting requires the work of a trained professional. Contact HomeProRooter Plumbing. We will find the best way to clean out your drains and send a plumber who can take care of the job.

How hydro-jetting benefits your plumbing

Removes almost any clog: The intense force of the water from a hydro-jetter is enough to break apart the most adamant blockage. It can remove obstructions that even motorized drains snakes will have problems with.

Safe for your pipes: Unlike chemical cleaners—or even some mechanical devices—a hydro-jetter will not damage the inside of your pipes.

Comprehensive: Where cleaning methods like drain snakes will only take care of large clogs, a hydro-jetter cleans out the whole drainpipe, blasting away deposits along the walls. Different types of nozzle attachments allow a plumber to reach every part of the drainpipe to make sure that no spot escapes the jet’s cleansing power.

Long-lasting: Hydro-jetting will help prevent future problems in your drains. The high-pressure scalding action of the water makes it more difficult for debris to begin to accumulate again. Benefits Hydro Jetting.

You should consider scheduling hydro-jetting for your drains at least once a year. This will reduce the number of clogs you encounter and lower the water pressure inside your pipes, resulting in a more efficient plumbing system.

Slab Leak Long Beach has over 20 years of experience cleaning and repairing drains. Call us today at (562) 818-6946 to schedule your drain cleaning appointment. Benefits Hydro Jetting.