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We are specialized in leak detection

This Monday we were contacted by Drake in Long Beach. He recently decided to remodel the guest room, while doing so he uncovered black stains on a wall. He initially he called us for mold testing, we informed Drake we specialized in leak detection. We referred him to a mold assessor since mold grows when there is moisture present we offered a leak detection assessment. The mold assessor went out to the property and determined that without testing it was indeed mold and the important thing was remediating it. Drake was puzzled as to how and why there was mold in his home. Given the location of the mold infestation (adjacent to the bathroom) water damage such as a leaking pipe or roof leak could have caused it. Our first step was inspecting the roof and sub area for leaks and finding out what was causing the mold to grow. One of our certified inspectors examined the roof and sub area his findings were scary. Drake’s home had numerous leaks in the sub area plumbing, the area where the mold was uncovered had so much water damage and dry rot it was sinking and we were amazed it hadn’t collapsed. The worst part was that there were buckets collecting water in the area some of which had overflowed. When we presented Drake with our findings he turned pale like he had seen a ghost. He explained that when he initially purchased the house a few years back the leaks were noted in the home inspection. He got an estimate from a plumber that was cheap compared to other proposals he got and he decide to save money and hire the man to fix the plumbing. Now as Drake brought in plumbers and contractors for estimates to fix the leaks and repair the sinking area prices were astronomical compared to the initial estimates he received years back. Given that we have been in the business for decades we advised Drake to go with a license plumber we knew in the area and guaranteed his work, Drake hired him. It took twelve days, raising portion of the home, replacing and reinforcing the sub area materials, new plumbing, drying out the sub area, and interior walls of the guest bedroom but between our team, the plumber, and the mold remediation company his home was dry and safe. This story provides a great lesson when your home is need of repairs cheaper isn’t always best. Doing research and ensuring you hire someone who knows what they are doing is the best thing you can do to save money and have peace of mind in the long run. If you think your home has a leak don’t call just anyone call a company that is specialized in leak detection.