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A Salty Dream

So many of us dream with having a home on the beach, walking out of our home and sticking our toes in the sand, smelling that salty air, and going for a dip on a whim. One of the benefits of California is that the costal living dream can come true and the coaster offers many waterfront homes. But that beach front home can become an absolute night mare for a home owner. Exposure to coastal living can result in moisture build up, mold, water damage, superficial as well as structural damage due to salt water damage. That ocean breeze we love leads to humidity, living oceanside can cause moisture to build up in a home that can cause mold and mildew. Often the moisture build up occurs on the sides and roof of a property. Mold can eat away at the exterior paint as well as the exterior wood members of the house. Mold in the interior of the property can eat away at the walls, ceilings, as well as cause health issues. In addition to causing moisture to build up that ocean breeze also carries salt from the water and hits the exterior of the property. The salt crystals which are hard to see settle under the paint surfaces and build up causing the paint to slowly chip off, primarily near corners, ridges, ledges and window sills. Salt water will rust surfaces and the effects of the salt water damage can lead to a home being uninhabitable. When salt water makes contact with pipes it will corroded them, if untreated it can tarnish the entire plumbing system.

Tips for protecting your oceanside home:

  • Ensure the home is built with materials for beachfront properties such as: corrosion-resistant materials, closed call insulation, hurricane resistant windows and doors, etc.
  • When you are purchasing an oceanfront home, identify plumbing materials early so you know where to look in the event of saltwater exposure or unidentified leaks.
  • Power washing regularly (every few months) can help prevent mold from building up.
  • Use sealant to prevent exterior paint from fading, peeling, and chipping as a result of constant exposure to salt water.

Keep in mind salt water damage can be very costly and purchasing a home is a big investment, make sure you protect that investment.