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Emergency Flood Cleanup

This past Friday we received a frantic call from Paul in Long Beach who was in dryer need of our emergency flood cleanup and water damage remediation services. He had just purchased his new home only to come home on Friday with a moving truck full of his belongs to find water pouring down from the second floor and flooding throughout. What happened you ask? The previous owner turned off the utilities and move his belongs out days prior, the following day Paul turned the utilities on since he would be moving into the house later in the week. Unfortunately, the previous owner turned off the utilities but didn’t shut off the water supply valve for the washer located on the second floor. Without knowing this Paul call the water company and requested service at the property, when the water was connected the water supply for the laundry started pumping out water. This went on for days until Paul arrived to move in on Friday, and found his new home had flooded. We had done some work for him years ago so without hesitation he gave us a call and we immediately went out to the property and began assessing the extent of the water damage and came up with an action plan. The carpets, walls, ceilings were soaked, the wood floor warped so began by extracting water. We extracted water from the carpets and padding with the use of sub-surface extraction tool. Some of the carpeting, drywall materials, and all the warped wood flooring had to be disposed off due to the extent of the water damage. Then, we brought in dehumidifiers, air movers, HEPA air purifiers, and pressurized wall dryers to dry out the affected areas. Once the equipment was in place we began the monitoring process which included measuring and recording moisture levels until the home was completely dry. Once all the moisture was gone and Paul’s home was completely dry we installed carpeting, drywall, and all other materials we removed for the flood cleanup. Hardships like flooding and water damage are extreme situations that can happen to anyone at any time as it did in this case. Although we make it sound simple in our article flood cleanup and water damage remediation this can be a lengthy, expensive process that should be left to the professional.