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Epoxy Lining

A home’s plumbing is constantly in use, toilets flushing, washing machine is going, dishes are being washed all these activities take a toll on the plumbing. Over the years regular wear and tear occurs causing pipes to corrode, clog, leak, and even break. Repiping a plumbing line can be extremely expensive depending on its location luckily with new technology there is an alternative method to fix plumbing. Pipes are able to be relined with an epoxy material which creates a new interior surface. The epoxy coating method is best suited for non-galvanized sewer systems.


The Process

The first step is inspecting and mapping the plumbing pipes. Then, the pipes are dried with heated, compressed air. Afterwards, we blow an abrading agent through the pipes to remove rust, corrosion, and other by-products that may be stuck to the pipes. Then, we reach the optimal pipe surface temperature and conduct an air pressure leak test before we begin coating. Once that is complete we use a high tech air system to uniformly distribute the epoxy coating throughout the pipe. After the epoxy coating dries the plumbing’s valves and couplings are refitted. Lastly, we do a final leak test and to assure the lining integrity and water quality, volume, and flow test to confirm the plumbing’s system functionality.


Benefits of Epoxy Lining:

  • Typically, lower cost than replacing a pipe
  • No busting up driveways, landscaping, flooring, or streets
  • Faster than pipe replacement
  • Lining is a long-term solution
  • Preventative solution to:
    • leaks and breaks in pipes
    • pipe blockages
    • pipe erosion
    • mold growth
  • Maintains water flow
  • Epoxy is environmentally safe
  • Lining material complies with building code regulations


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