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Foundations 101

Many of purchase our homes and have a basic understanding of the structure itself but we aren’t structural engineers and don’t necessarily know or understand detailed construction of the home.

There are three types of foundations:

  • Raised
  • Slab
  • Basement

Raised Foundations- These consist of crawlspace foundations and beam and pier post foundations.

Homes with crawlspace foundations are elevated two feet off the ground. These foundations are typically built with cinder blocks and a brick facing. These foundations are ideal of moist climate areas where rain and humidity is common. These homes are less likely to experience water damage. The building material reduce the likelihood of termites but there are still predisposed to fungus and mold.

Homes with pier and beam foundations are typically elevated 18 inches off the ground.  These foundations are typically built with wooden posts or concrete piers. These foundations are popular in dryer colder areas. They are less expensive than other foundation choices, but do to the building materials they are best used on smaller structures. The wooden posts are ideal for termites and both the wooden posts or concrete piers can suffer from fungus and mold.

Both of these foundations allow easy access to plumbing and electrical located underneath the structure.

Slab foundation- These consist of slab-on-grade foundations.

Homes with slab foundation are built on flat concrete that has been poured. The slab tends to be about 6 inches thick and has wire mesh and steel bards embedded. These foundations are fast and easy to install. These foundations are ideal for warmer climates, cold climates and freezing temperatures can cause the slab to shift. Typically, the home’s sewer pipe is installed underneath the concrete slab. Over time the concrete, elements, and other factors can cause the pipe to break and cause a slab leak.

Basement Foundations- These consist of an 8-foot-deep hole underneath the main floor or the structure.

Homes with basements are essentially built of a concrete slab which is laced 8 feet underground. The walls of the basement are usually built with cinder blocks.

This article is a basic understanding of Foundation 101, if you have further questions don’t hesitate to call us