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French Drain

Here at Slab Leak Long Beach we are plumbing experts with years of experience in the field with our specialty being slab leak detection, repair, and replacement. On a regular basis, we receive calls about plumbing issues or water intrusion folks experience. This week is no different, we were recently contacted by Randy, a home owner in the Long Beach area that experienced water intrusion, his property was damaged and he was seeking water remediation services. He recently purchased his home and the past week he noticed that water was coming up from underneath bamboo flooring in the living room. Randy was puzzled as to how the water got in, his roof wasn’t leaking, the walls near the water intrusion had no plumbing, windows, or doors. As soon as we stepped foot on the property and looked at the wall we noticed it was a retaining wall on a hillside and the neighbor’s house sat higher. We also noticed the neighbor had recently redone their side yard facing Randy’s home with new grass and a sprinkler system. We determined that the water intruding into Randy’s living room was coming from the new sprinkler system his neighbors installed because water flows downhill. Randy asked what could be done, the likelihood of his neighbor removing their brand new sprinkler system was slim to none. Instantly a switch clicked and we recommended a French Drain. Randy asked what many of you are thinking, what is a French Drain and how does it work. The basic concept behind a French Drain is a slightly sloped trench filled with round gravel and a pipe that diverts water away from your house. For this specific project we dug a trench and create a slope by digging progressively deeper because there was no natural downward slope for the water the exit by. This remediated the water intrusion issue right away shortly after we completed the project the neighbor’s sprinklers came on and the water was caught by the French Drain leaving Randy’s home nice and dry. If you are wondering if a French Drain can solve a water intrusion issue you may be having keep in mind the French Drain has many applications it is used in both residential properties and commercial properties with drainage issues. Call us today to schedule a consultation.